Riding the black dragon to a dream

It’s true…I am riding the black dragon Chinese bus all the way from NC to NYC every week while we look for a paint shop and home in Manhattan. It has been a dream of mine to go to NYU since I was knee high. It is a bit odd to be so much older…but I am grateful for the perspective, and extra focus it gives me. They were gracious enough to cover my Graduate School tab…so here we go! Seeing the old neighborhood mowed down and replaced by glass box developments was far more difficult to process than taking notes in my first class…..but I was the ONLY person using a pen and notebook..haha.

Places that I am grateful to see Week #1

The Parlour – fav hair shoppe….remember when they opened… on Ave B…my excellent stylist was from Asheville ha!

Manitoba’s-   perfection x Ave B   Long live rock n roll

Mamoun’s- would die w/out my falaffel stand

Cafe Reggio and Cafe Habana mmmmmmm

La Sirena on 3rd   amazing handmade Mexican catrina earrings

Great Jones – still the best margarita and mex soup

Di Napoli’s in Little Italy bread  meat  cheese  ravoili  

Bruno’s Bakery- La Guardia   cooooooookies

Congee on Bowery- actually made a chicken that made me cry


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