us photo       Jim Keegan and Alisa Simonel-Keegan

For over 25 years we have worked in many different aspects of the arts, film, entertainment and  culinary,  industries. We are storytellers. We travel, create art, collaborate, and have a large family….our own, and many artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers who are considered our extended family.

We are Master Artists, and a successful studio that drives our business painting murals, backdrops, shows, commercials, and film projects.  Our portfolio ranges from whole creative designed and painted interiors to Theatrical and film painting. We often are hired to totally transform interiors. For 1.5 years we have been painting murals on a series of three estates for one family, over ten thousand feet of murals have been created so far. Subjects range from a full wall uv effects painting of Las Vegas ( the lights go “on”), to a thirty foot underwater scene, to a twenty-foot circus tent, and a deep space scene, and hundreds of familiar characters.

We work for the local historic villages providing  signage and decorative painting, and have worked on historic murals in their museums and visitors’ center. In our local minor league ball field,we have a 40′ nostalgic baseball themed triptych  entitled “Dreams”.

Our Production studio is shooting a travel series, “Along the Hidden Highways…”. We have produced a collaboration horror film called “Sisters” which has a trailer on our website keegansmission.com.

We have worked shooting commercials, making sets for theatre, film, street art, parades, and toy fairs. No twojobshave evr been the same for us, and we thrive on that diversity!

For over ten years we have worked with the Shakori Hills Festival of Music and Dance in NC, and Virginia Key Grassroots festival in Miami. They feature roots and world music, bluegrass, zydeco and more, creating backdrops, stage trim, tent interiors, signs, banners and more as well as a sustainability and low footprint ideal.

Each day has brought a different artistic challenge.


Keegansmission- We want to encourage the arts to thrive, and bring the importance of art in everyday life to the forefront of this and future generations.

We want to expand our business and capabilities, expand production, endow our non-profit side, start grants for art, network and unite artists for collaboration and performance series, tell more stories, make more film….spread the art.



KEEGANSMISSION.com brings together our different fields of experience and enables us to promote the mediums of art.

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