Along the Hidden Highways

“Along the Hidden Highways” …our tv/web series

Documenting great places, fresh local and artisan food, Americana culture, Arts and Crafts, Live performance, history and lore, and a deep seeded love of nature and the folks pioneering green lifestyles.

Off the beaten path, this boating journey follows canals and other waterways, that connected people to each other for transport, trade.  For years they have been an often unnoticed mode of transport, and have their own culture. The  canals reveal an insight into the pulse of the areas we travel through.

                                                                                                                               SEGMENT #1 – A Boating Journey Along the Canals of New York State

We are writing the story and researching the stops that our Production Company at will follow during our Spring shooting of our interactive television series with pod-casts,  “Along the Hidden Highways”.

We start our journey in Lake Chautauqua in beautiful western New York, follow the Eire Canal and offshoot waterways, turn onto the Hudson, and come into New York City area.

The production will begin Pre-Production in April 2013, with  a shooting schedule that begins in June, and wraps in  New York City.

We are Artists and Storytellers, who have worked in Theatre, Film, TV, and Private and Commercial Interiors for over 25 years. This year, we inherited the family boat, which sparked the idea for this creative journey.

“Along the Hidden Highways” is a series, with its first segmented season filmed along the canals of New York State in the Spring and Summer of 2014

We will include the following areas of focus in each episode:


Area hotspots, beautiful scenery


Local Music and musicians from

areas we pass

through, Americana

to Classical, Native

American to Blues.

Live recordings and


will produce a show CD.


From music festivals to historic

re-enactments, what goes on

during the summers/winters.


What are the past

environmental conditions

and current issues,what are

current conservation and

improvement and restoration efforts.

Green Tech

Who is using available

green technologies for

business and daily life.

( WE ARE to power the boat!)

We will gather and provide

information to communities we

pass through.


Flora and fauna, their status.

History and Lore

Uncovering the rich

history of the land and its

people, folklore, scary

stories, mysteries, tall tales,

and oddities.


Educational and interactive spots

Art Scene

Local Artists and craftspeople

Food & Drink

What do the locals eat,

chefs along the way, bars, restaurants, vineyards, local specialties.

For more details, check out our website

We will be writing and posting video, stories, and music as we go!

Please like us our facebook page at

Crowd funding opportunities available soon!

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