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This past 18 mos. has brought no less that 7 delightful UV effects paint projects our way…all pretty large.


1. Las Vegas night scene 16′ x 22′ Sculptural Arts (Black,colors), Wildfire UV, Latex, etc.

2. Backdrop for Virginia Key on vinyl Spray marking UV paint, Spray paint

3. Night Sky #1 Latex, My Color Pantone, Luminescent Wildfire UV

4. Butterfly Girls Go-Go Drop on Sunshade Wildfire UV, Gloss Black latex, Flat white

5. Monster’s U Scene mural My Color Pantone, chalkboard paint(black), Wildfire UV

6. Night Sky #2 xtra detail Rosco Supersats(ULTRA,purple) and UV Brilliant White

7. HPU “Into the Woods” muslin Rosco UV Elec Green, Purple, White,

ONE black (Lowe’s)

Rosco is a bit of a better choice for muslin for sure! It has much better viscosity and is less sleazy.

By FAR the most surprising useful paint for a deep space sky turned out to be my Rosco suspersat ultra blue. Kicked ass for deep space tone and gaseous clouds. Also worked great for the transition to day sky areas.

October found the Studio taking a break from our long term mural project to enjoy a Guest Artist position at High Point University in NC. Such great fun to work with such multitalented students! We rigged the Go-Pro camera to the paint bamboo and off we went for a step by step video journal. Based on the drawing style of Gris Grimly, this soft-goods filled show was packed with creepy trees, industrial backgrounds, and special black-light effects. One backdrop was repurposed, from a hard geometric graphic design into an eerie and misty night forest.




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